One of our most demanded area of coverage includes weddings. Between June and September we are booked almost every weekend for wedding engagements. We cover all areas of weddings from the stage of planning to returning forgotten or lost items while we are mailing out the "Thank you" cards. Our involvement includes, but not limited to, Print, Photography, Video, and Web services. We not only provide these services, we recommend excellent vendors in areas of your interest should you decide to go elsewhere

Design and Print the following - Save the date Cards and Magnets, Wedding Invitation sets (invitation, response card, reception card, bachelors party card, various directions, gift notes advice with other inserts) Web site - Yes! your own web site for your wedding.

 Every detail is on the web and it is becoming the most accessible way to get information conveniently on about anything. Why not do a web site that will have a brief bio of you and you partner, your previous photos and videos, anything about your relationship and every detail about your wedding, from vendors to travel arrangements, map links, clock count-down, and pages for the media after the wedding day which your photographer and Videographer could update and link to. You could include your theme selection, your colors, your music and have your guest comment and interact with you. We will set-up just about anything including a shopping cart of your preferred gifts which leads directly to your department store check out basket. We could even include the a donate link using your regular PayPal account for friends to help you out on the budget. We will design this personal site totally FREE of any charge to you. How cool is that?

Video and Photo -

Our approach to video and photography for your wedding stem from experience and has been built over several years of customer satisfaction. Each occasion is unique. We have learned various culture and values over the years and can confidently say NO! to one size fits all. Even when we suggest a package for the benefit of our client, we assume it at just that … a suggestion. More than 80% of our clients gets more than what they requested in a package because we loose it somewhere between passionate professionalism and packaged contract. You will like what we do. Even your invited guest will remain in awe.We believe in TOTAL coverage for the full story - both photo and videos. Based on experience, we have seen there is great gain to you in having your photo and video under the roof of one media content provider such as Emmanuel Studios. Not all media content provider will do video, photo, and web development for you the client at the price of one

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Wedding Reception

Church Service

Single Wedding Slideshow

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Multiple Weddings Slideshow

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Description of a typical wedding day video coverage (for those who care)

This description we assumes a package with three cameras. This is only a visual description for a non media client. For a theatrical script of an actual wedding, please email us.

We rise from our hotel room and head straight in three directions, Camera1 - church (or venue for the vows); Camera2 - hotel/home of the bride; Camera3 - hotel/home for the groom.

Cameras1 shoot and pan the entire church with close-ups on the entrance, aisle, wedding ornaments, candles, flowers etc and bridal party arrivals.

Camera2 shoots preparation of groom, shoes, sox, strings, watch, tie, and various close-ups. We shoot groom anxiety, interaction, and departure for venue.

Camera3 shoots the bridal make-up, hair, shoes, bridal trail departure for, and arrival to venue, limo etc. All details of arrival into the church and close-up is captured.

Once wedding service has begun we concentrate on three angles in the venue.

Camera-2 focused on the couple.

Camera1 focus on the audience with wide angle on the entire venue with spot close-ups on members of the audience.

Camera3 rests on the wedding officials and anywhere we have control and sound of microphone.

As the bridal trail approaches the altar for the exchange of vows Camera1 moves into a close-up position for the intimacy of the exchange (rings, candle light, communion, bridal kiss, etc) After the kiss and announcement of the new couple Camera3 positions to capture the exit including the aisle, the hug of parents and friends, the congratulations and various exchanges of well wishers. Camera2 ready to capture the photo shoot of the the couple for standard photos. Other two cameras (1&3) goes out into the audience to capture the tradition and exchanges (rice shower, etc) Camera 1 & 3 proceeds to the venue of the reception. if the reception venue is distant from church, we capture the drive with Camera1. Camera3 captures the following before the arrival of the couple - food, drink and wedding cake, the entire architecture of the reception venue. Camera1 begins a series of interviews of family members on both sides, first starting with guest and then to family members and bridal trail as they arrive from the photo shoot or other places to the venue of the reception. Camera1 positions to capture the arrival of the bride and groom in the limousine. Depending on the size and dimension of the reception, our positioning is always to avoid cameras being in view of each other (conflict of focus). Camera3 follows the mic (MC, opening speech, toast, testimonies etc); Camera2 follows the audience and seeks every out of the ordinary occurrence. Camera1 stays with the couple (smiles, greeting, reaction, dance, the cutting of the cake, high table and bridal trail)

Usually we come up with between eighteen to twenty-one hours (3 cameras times seven hours per camera) of footage. Editing 21 hours of footage to one hour fully produced DVD is where our expertise comes to bear and have created a reputation for us in the industry.

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