Our most popular areas of engagement in video coverage include the following.

Wedding Coverage and Packages

Stage Drama

Company Advertisement

Church and Corporate Videos

Music Videos

Video Editing and Effects

Flash & Video for the Web (podcast, YouTube, Vimeo, Face Book, MySpace, Flickr, etc)

Documentary Videos World Video Conversion (SECAM, MESECAM, NTSC, PAL, and all others systems)

Video Archiving and Recovery

If you have shot a very interesting content and do not know the next steps in order to convert this to cash or just to make it available content on the web, contact us and we will assist you to the next level. We shoot, edit, and publish video and other media in any format and platform of your choice. If you already have an outlet such as a blog, we will make it available for your specified outlet.

We edit private videos shot using "any" camera equipment and make it look like a pro. We also shoot and edit corporate videos that you could use for advertising through traditional media or convert it to flash video for your blog or web site.

Contact us to get free tips on your video needs especially if you are running on a shoe string budget for your one in a lifetime special occasion

Your content on social media - One of the best places to make you content available especially if it is a publicity or add content, is to use social media. You do not have to hire us to do this or even spend a lot of cash. We offer free advice and recommendations for the putting your content on : You Tube, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Wordpress, or any website on the internet. Publishing media to these communities offers video enthusiast and pro alike the same opportunities to get heard and seen. If you do not own a blog and desire to own one, we will help set-up and have your blog running in a few hours.

If you desire a more user friendly interaction and would prefer to set-up your own online community, contact us.

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