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Create logos from scratch; Create buttons; Design attractive web graphics; Create titles, Ads, Banners, eCovers; Modify photographs for web use; Create web site header, Graphic mockups, Images for your blogs; Add creative text over your photos Add mirrored text to graphics; Make images for software products; Colorize your photos; Colorize imported graphics; Create transparent images (.png, .gif, etc); Create flash file out of any image; Export any graphics to PDF format; Modify professional templates; Promote your business; Create Blog Team; Animated your Logo; Brand your business; Update or change your logo; Add your own images to your existing logo; Make a Podcast cover; Create navigation bar buttons Create unique text effects; Create title screens for your YouTube movies; Put your logo onto Coffee mugs! Put your logo onto T-Shirts! Create an eCard; Import images and textures into your text; Create a badge or Emblem; Remove white backing from JPEG images; Create ads for eBay; Design a creative 'blog' footer; Clocks for Various occasions; Splice photographs! Adjust transparency of text and objects Add gradients to text and shapes; Create circular Text and Graphics; Test color schemes for web page layouts; Create a professional header for your website; Create an eMail signature

1. Create logos (for any business)

2. Create buttons

3. Design attractive web graphics

4. Create titles

5. Create Ads

6. Create banners

7. Create eCovers

8. Touch up photographs for web use

9. Scale images

10. Create web site header and graphic mockups

11. Create images for your blogs

12. Add creative text over your photos

13. Rotate and resize your own photos

12. Add mirrored text to graphics

13. Make images for software products

14. Colorize your photos

15. Colorize imported graphics

16. Create transparent PNG  and GIF images

17. Export logos in PDF format

18. Modify professional templates

19. Brand your business

20. Create Business Cards

21. Create navigation bar buttons

22. Create unique text effects

23. Create title screens for your YouTube movies

24. Put your logo onto Coffee mugs!

25. Put your logo onto tShirts!

26. Create an eCard

27. Import images and textures into your text

28. Create a badge or Emblem

29. Remove white backing from Jpg images

30. Create ads for eBay

31. Design a creative 'blog'  header / footer

32. Study other designs, then re-create them

33 . Create Shapes

34. "Save the date" wedding reminders

35. Duplicate and reverse text and objects (for mirrored effect)

36. Add gradients to text and shapes.

37. Create circular or arched text (for emblems and badges)

38. Test color schemes for web page layouts

39. Create web banners

40 Create a professional header design for your website

41. Create professional looking websites

42. Create Video Titles

43. Design Facebook Wall

44. Create You Tube headers

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