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WHAT WE DO WITH VIDEO CAMERA : Weddings, Engagements, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Re-Unions, Burials, Instructional Videos, Legal Depositions, Personal Profiles / Greetings, Video Advertisement, Video Documentary, Stage Drama, Stage Dance,  Church Sermons, Music Videos, School Graduation.   .....Learn more here

WHAT WE DO WITH PHOTO CAMERA : Everything we do with video cameras plus... Family and Personal Portraits, Concierge Photography, Passport Size Photos, Group Photography, Catalogue and Product Photography, Web Photos.

WHAT WE DO WITH SOFTWARE : Video Editing, Video Conversions, Photo Adjustments, Poster and Flyer Designs, Card Designs, Graphic Design, Build Websites on all platforms, Web Integration.

WHAT WE DO WITH THE WEB : Build and Design websites from scratch, Web Hosting, Live Telecast of Events

Our experience shows...

Most clients had already searched well and have a great idea of the kind of service they prefer for that special event or occasion. In the end, they want a one stop shop with adequate gear to provide total coverage for their event or occasion. Emmanuel studios is that service that will take care of all your media needs for event preparation, set-up (venue and PA systems), publicity, guest mailing, web site design and hosting, media coverage, sales of DVDs, and follow-up.

We have the experience. Our satisfied clients who we introduced to the web with functional profitable e-Commerce websites had very good ideas on what they wanted to achieve on their dream sites, they only wanted some professional to put it all together functionally and make it happen. We are aware that you are knowledgeable in this age of expansion, what we bring to the table is the needle of experience to weave it together.

Just one free phone call (888) 666-4134 brings all your ideas into perspective

Makes Us Different

We will not charge you for consultation.

We will bill only when you are satisfied that you want to go on with the project.

We will help you clearly understand what you intend to achieve in the process of engagement and what the clear out come and results will be for your business.We will provide full access to the entire process (no back-end mumble jumbo and fussy-up language with surprises).

We will explain to you again and again until you understand with sample of what we want to achieve.

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